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AKTION Ortholumm ML5/1 Lichttherapie + Aloe Heat Lotion

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ANGEBOT! AKTION nur in unserem Webshop. Aktion gültig bis 31.12.2019

Ortholumm ML5/1

offers you a cost-effective treatment in your clinic

and at home.

Ortholumm ML5/1

can be used as a standalone or complementary therapy.

Ortholumm ML5/1

is a high-tech medical devide manufactured by a company certified with the ISO-certified quality management system 13485.

What is light-therapy?

Light therapy witz cold red light contributes to the faster regeneration of damaged cells. For sports injuries, any joint pain, chronic and non-chronic wounds and various neuritis should be used Ortho Loly absolutely supportive. Even with sperm immunity, Ortholumm can help support your future family happiness.

For cosmetic purposes or even skin problems, light therapy can also help, including hair loss prevented by Ortholumm as far as possible.

See how cold red light helps and works!

easy to handle

strengthens the immune system

targeted application

accelerates the regeneration

Im Set enthalten - Aloe Heat Lotion

Lichttherapie und Lotion für ein abgestimmtes wohlbefinden.

Die Aloe Heat Lotion bietet Wärme- und Kühleffekte, mit der Kraft von 100 % reinem und stabilisierten Aloe-Vera-Gel, Menthol und Eukalyptus, kombiniert mit beruhigenden Ölen. Diese Massagelotion ist geschmeidig und wird schnell von der Haut aufgenommen.

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