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stimulates the healing process

Therapy with cold red and NIR-light

Ortholumm ML5 / 1 is a therapeutic, light-based LED device that can be used as a self-sustaining or adjunctive therapy for the treatment of skin conditions, musculoskeletal injuries and diseases as well as for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.


Reduction of the risk of injury and effect on skeletal muscle function with Ortholumm

You can use the Ortholumm ML5 / 1 to improve muscle mass efficiency by increasing the aerobic potential of skeletal muscle and ATP synthesis. Exposure to the depth beam before training can reduce the synthesis of creatine kinase in the muscle cells, an enzyme that promotes muscle fiber injury. Light treatment reduces the likelihood of muscle fiber injuries during intense exercise. An improvement of the local blood flow in the tissue is the result. As a result, it is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients and is better prepared for stress. The elasticity and mobility of joints in multiple applications can also be improved. The Ortholumm ML5 / 1 light therapy device is also intended for the regeneration of the body after training. It can fill up the energy reserves in the cells, thereby acting as an anti-inflammatory and can promote the healing of possible micro-injuries. In addition, the lymphatic flow can be stimulated, the removal of metabolic waste products promoted and the lactic acid levels lowered.

Sports injuries

Types of sports injuries that can be successfully treated with photobiomodulation:

- muscle aches and muscle fatigue

- Reduce the harmful effects of lactate and creatine kinase after intense and hard training

- Musculoskeletal injuries

- Nerve regeneration

- pain in the joints

- Tendinitis, capsulitis, epicondylitis

- Pain in the neck and lumbar spine

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

Injuries and inflammation of joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage

The use of Ortholumm ML5 / 1 is intended for the relief of pain, swelling and inflammation.

It can increase the mobility of joints and thereby accelerate the healing of injuries such as strains, dislocations, fractures and tears. The light therapy can be applied after a medical treatment, immobilization of an injury or a surgical procedure.

Injuries and inflammation of the nerves

Ortholumm ML5 / 1 supports the treatment of injuries and inflammation of the nerves. It can stimulate the growth factors in the nerve cells and thus start the growth of the nerve endings.


Analgesic effect

Ortholumm ML5 / 1 can help relieve pain by acting on nerve fibers responsible for the transmission of pain impulses (gate control theory) on the proprioceptors of the skin and on inflammatory messengers acts.

Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, overloaded peripheral nerves

Ortholum ML5 / 1 can improve the regeneration of cartilage, increase the elasticity of the ligaments, relieve pain and swelling. Ortholum ML5 / 1 can improve mobility in large and small joints and reduce stiffness.


Acute and chronic wounds

Wounds that respond to photobiomodulation with Ortholum ML5 / 1 according to studies:

- Acute and chronic wounds

- pressure ulcers and other ulcers

- burns

- Removal sites of skin grafts

- Postoperative wounds

- wounds after oral surgery

- Posttraumatic wounds

- Diabetic ulcers


Effect in the treatment of chronic wounds

- Reduction of exudate

- pain relief

Skin diseases


Irradiation with light can inhibit inflammation of the skin and improve microcirculation and lymphatic flow.

This will help the affected skin recover faster and reduce scarring. The immune response is stronger, while sebum secretion and hormonal influences on the skin and metabolism can be regulated. The detoxification of the skin can be improved by increasing the removal of metabolic waste products.

Dermatitis (eczema)

Irradiation with light can lessen skin inflammation and thus promotes regeneration.
It may also be useful for the treatment and regeneration of the skin after ablative cosmetic skin treatments and inhibit dermal inflammation after depilation.

Skin rejuvenation

Light therapy can help spread fibroblasts, promoting collagen and elastin synthesis, making the skin firmer and more elastic. The radiation works in the outer and inner skin layers and can reduce wrinkles. In addition, it can counteract free radicals and inhibit skin aging due to internal and external environmental influences (harmful UV radiation).
The use of Ortholumm ML5 / 1 can improve skin texture, reduce the activity of interstitial collagenases (MMP-1), prevent connective tissue injury, and inhibit its re-synthesis.
The released endorphins, enkephalins and anti-stress hormones help the skin regain a brighter and more youthful appearance. A stronger blood and lymph flow can provide the skin with nutrients and oxygen and accelerate the removal of toxins from the skin.

Ortholumm has 5 therapy programs

Program 1 - the Universal, Medical Program
Programs 2 to 5 have the same irradiation intensity as program 1, but supportive with additionally different light frequencies.


The best treatment time is in the morning and in the evening.

Drink plenty of water so that the body can carry away toxins and waste products better.
Apply creams and ointments only after the treatment.


Some patients experience a reaction on the treating body site, e.g. a pressure. The therapy already shows a positive effect! Should the signals of the body become too uncomfortable, shorten the treatment time and / or switch to program 1 without frequency. There are no known side effects, so you can not go wrong.

Ortholumm can also be used preventively.

Recommended frequency - or according to medical advice

The times given are approximate times. Remember that every person reacts differently to light therapy.

  • Injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system:
    at least 3 times a week for a period of 2 weeks; then 1-2 times a week for a period of 1 to 4 weeks

  • Wounds: 2-3 times a week

  • Burns: once a day for a period of 2 weeks, then 2-3 times a week for a period of 4-12 weeks depending on the size and severity of the burn

  • Skin diseases: 3 times a week for a period of about 4 weeks

The duration of application depends on the size and depth of the target joint as well as the size and depth of the
target tissue *. The deeper the target tissue / target joint, the higher the chosen duration should be.

For example: The metacarpal and finger joints are superficial and small and therefore require a lower dose than the knee joint, which is larger and arthritic at less superficial points.

The right program for your health!



Program 1

Musculoskeletal injuries and diseases

  • Injuries and inflammation of joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage. The program is designed to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation, increase joint flexibility and speed up the management of injuries such as sprains, dislocations, ruptures and fractures. Program 1 is used after medical treatment, immobilization of an injury or after surgery.

  • Nerve injury and inflammation
    Helps with injuries and inflammation of the nerves. Stimulates the growth factors in nerve cells and restores the growth of nerve endings. Protects the nerve cells from free radicals.

  • Analgesic effect
    The program can be used for pain reduction, by acting on the nerve fibers to transmit pain impulses (gate theory), on proprioceptors in the skin and on inflammatory mediators.

  • Muscle pain and muscle fatigue

  • Reduce the harmful effects of lactate and creatine kinase
    after exhausting and extreme training

  • Muscelskeletal injuries

  • Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, overloaded peripheral nerves

  • Nerve injury and inflammation

  • Analgesic effect

Program 1

For acute and chronic wounds

Wound types based on Ortholum ML5 / 1

address photobiomodulation:

  • Acute and chronic wounds

  • Decubitus and ulcers

  • burns

  • Skin graft donor sites

  • postoperative wounds

  • Wounds after oral surgery

  • Post-traumatic wounds

  • diabetic ulcer

Effect on chronic wounds:

  • reduced amount and smell of exudate

  • pain relief

Program 1

For skin diseases / For skin rejuvenation

Light therapy increases the proliferation of fibroblasts and thus promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, which improves skin tone and skin elasticity. It affects the outer and inner layers of the skin, reduces the prominence of wrinkles. Has an effect on free radicals, inhibits the skin aging processes which are due to internal and external environmental influences (harmful UV rays).

Program 1 improves the skin structure and reduces the activity of the MMP-1 collagenase enzyme, preventing collagen fiber damage and its new synthesis.

The skin gains a calm, shimmering and youthful appearance due to the action of endorphins, enkephalins and anti-stress hormones. The increased blood and lymph flow supplies the skin with nutrients and oxygen. Accelerating the excretion of toxins from the skin.

Can be used on all skin types

  • Creates a fresher, younger-looking complexion

  • Fills fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduction of edema and erythema

  • Treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis

  • Treatment of acne

  • Counteract UV damage: wrinkling

  • Supplying dry skin with moisture

  • Can reduce cellulite

  • Inhibits the inflammation of the skin, scarring is reduced

Program 2 - frequency modulated

This frequency is used as a universal frequency for acupuncture points.

Stimulates ectodermal tissue (central and peripheral nervous system, sensory epithelium, epidermis with hair, nails, skin glands, pituitary, glands, ...).

Accelerates recovery after surgery, regenerates skin and mucous membranes (wounds, wrinkles, ulcers, aphthae, herpes). Helps with migraine.


Program 3 - frequency modulated

Stimulates the endodermal tissue (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestinal loop, bladder, etc.).

Increases the blood and lymph flow. It also affects translation in nerve fibers.

In the initial phase it prevents the formation of cold sores and prevents the healing of ulcers in the oral cavity.

It helps with bruises and the healing of contusions.

Program 4 - frequency modulated (not visible to the human eye)

It has a stimulating effect on mesodermal tissue (connective and supporting tissue, striated and smooth muscle, hematopoiesis, lymph, kidneys, ...) It supports bone healing and accelerates healing after muscle injuries, ligament injuries and joint injuries. It relaxes the muscles, improves joint mobility and relieves pain.


Program 5 - frequency modulated

Used for the same symptoms as in program 4.

The difference lies in the light frequency switching.

Acute & chronic knee pain

Specific therapy recommendation

Chronic knee pain due to overload in sports or trauma.
Acute knee pain due to inflammation and swelling (e.g., osteoarthritis).

At least 3x weekly morning and evening daily on each side of your
Kneel for 15-20 minutes with programs 1 and 4. Just set Ortholumm
directly on the aching spots.

The purification is positively influenced by a lot of drinking.

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