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Light therapy is beneficial for healing sports injuries


Ortholumm offers supportive therapy for sports injuries such as muscle injury, muscle fatigue, bone fracture, fiber rupture, heel spur, typical golfing injuries, tennis elbow, strains, tendon injuries, capsulitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and lumbar spine pain, knee injuries, ligament injury, etc ...

Ortholumm light therapy can activate the self-renewal process in the cell and repair damaged muscles, connective tissue, bones and cartilage.

Lower the risk of injury

You can use the Ortholumm ML5 / 1 to improve muscle mass efficiency by increasing the aerobic potential of skeletal muscle and ATP synthesis. Exposure to light before exercise can reduce the synthesis of creatine kinase in the muscle cells, an enzyme that promotes muscle fiber injury. Light treatment reduces the likelihood of muscle fiber injuries during intense exercise. At the same time, the local blood flow in the tissue can be improved. As a result, it is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients and is better prepared for stress. The elasticity and mobility of joints can also be improved with multiple applications. The Ortholumm ML5 / 1 light therapy device can also be used to regenerate the body after exercise.

Light can fill up the energy reserves in the cells better and thereby promotes the healing of possible micro injuries. In addition, it stimulates the lymphatic flow, promotes the removal of metabolic waste products and lowers the lactic acid level.

In sports, it is very common to knee injuries, the consequences can be:

  • Ligament strain, ligament strain, ligament tear (cruciate ligament tear, internal ligament
    tear or external ligament tear, meniscal damage)

  • Dislocation of the knee joint or kneecap

  • Sprain, bruise, fracture

  • cartilage damage

Various sports injuries can be treated with the program 1. Program 4 and Program 5 are also
frequency-modulated and can be used for well-being.

Types of sports injuries that can be successfully treated with photobiomodulation:

  • Muscle pain and muscle fatigue

  • Reduce the harmful effects of lactate and creatine kinase after intense hard training

  • Injuries of the musculoskeletal system

  • nerve regeneration

  • Pain in the joints

  • Visionary inflammations, capsulitis, epicondylitis

  • Pain in the neck and lumbar spine

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain through golfing

Typical golfer's pains are golf shoulder, golf elbow, golf knee and back pain. That does not have to be!
Golf shoulder: Inflammatory and degenerative in the area of the rotator cuff in the shoulder joint.
Golf elbow: Pains on the inside and outside of the elbow that radiate into the forearm.
Golf knee: Mostly chronic complaints in the knee joint and around the knee joint leave the.

Golfer in the truest sense of the word to go to his knees. a disturbed, one-sided movement inhibits the
metabolism and poor circulation and nutrient deficiency are the consequences.

Pain therapy for the home

already possible from 57 €!

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Studies on Ortholumm

Our studies show that Ortholumm Light Therapy helps!


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