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Desire to have children - sperm motility

Photobiomodulation with light-emitting diodes can improve sperm motility in men with asthenozoospermia.


Sperm motility is an important parameter of male fertility. It is known that photobiomodulation with light-emitting diodes (LED) the respiratory chain in mitochondria stimulates various mammalian cells.


30 consecutive men with asthenozoospermia and normal sperm count (September 2011 & February 2012) visited the infertility clinic of the University Medical Center Ljubljana, included in the study.
Each man's semen samples were divided into five parts:
One part served as untreated (native) control and four parts were irradiated with LEDs of different wavelengths:
(1) 850 nm, (2) 625, 660, and 850 nm-ortho-rum ML5 / 1 group, (3) 470 nm, and (4) 625, 660, and 470 nm.


Photobiomodulation with Ortholumm ML5 / 1 low-level light therapy is shown to be effective in the
Improvement of sperm motility in infertile men with asthenozoospermia.

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