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Ortholumm light therapy against hair loss!

Low-level light therapy is proving to be an effective therapy for the treatment of hair loss

Hair loss is mentioned when more than 100 hairs (rough reference value) fail daily.
In the course of life, hair fullness decreases - more in some, less in others.
But what if the hair begins to clear visibly at an early age?
Women in particular often suffer a lot when hair gets stuck in the brush
and the scalp is increasingly shining through.

Ortholumm can stimulate the ectodermal tissue, which can have a regenerative effect on your hair roots.


Professional hair advice


With our partner "Haarberatung-Hoffmann" you will receive a professional hair consultation
specially adapted to your therapy.

To do so, please enter the note "JURAMED" when contacting "Haarberatung Hoffmann".

Cellavita Haarpracht, Haarberatung Hoffmann, Professionelle Haarberatung

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