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Relieve joint pain - with light therapy

Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, overloaded peripheral nerves

Ortholumm ML5/1 kann zur Verbesserung  der Regeneration von Knorpel,  der Elastizität der Bänder,  Entzündungen hemmen und Schmerzen und Schwellungen lindern.

Ortholumm ML5/1 kann die Beweglichkeit in großen und kleinen Gelenken verbessern und Steifheit reduzieren. Die Lichttherapie kann nach einer medizinischen Behandlung, Ruhigstellung einer Verletzung oder einem chirurgischen Eingriff angewandt werden. Sie findet auch Anwendung als unterstützende Therapie für verschiedene Gelenkschmerzen wie zum Beispiel bei Rückenschmerzen, Hüftschmerzen, Knieschmerzen, Schulterschmerzen durch Cox- Arthrose, Rheumaschmerzen, etc.

Pain relief

Ortholumm can relieve pain by acting on nerve fibers responsible for the transmission of the pain impulses (gate control theory), on the proprioceptors of the skin and on inflammatory messengers.

Musculoskeletal pain
The anti-pain function of the red light in the cells releases metabolic products through detoxification mechanisms. By irradiating with Ortholumm the blood and lymph flow can be accelerated and the cells of the damaged tissue can be supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Light therapy is one of the possible methods of complementary treatment in patients with arthritis of large joints. Due to the beneficial effects of photobiomodulation on the regeneration of secretory components at the cellular level, the quality of life of patients with initial osteoarthritis can thus be improved.

Studies on Ortholumm

Our studies show that Ortholumm Light Therapy helps!

Pain therapy for the home

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Frequently asked Questions! FAQ

What is the meaning of light? What does red light mean?

Aloe Heat Lotion

Light therapy and lotion for a well-balanced well-being

The Aloe Heat Lotion provides warmth and cooling effects, with the power of 100% pure and stabilized aloe vera gel, menthol and eucalyptus, combined with soothing oils. This massage lotion is supple and quickly absorbed by the skin.

Warms or cools

Aloe vera, sesame and apricot kernel oil provide the skin with moisture and valuable nutrients. Menthol and eucalyptus oil stimulate pleasantly. The Aloe Heat Lotion by Forever has a nourishing and helps in stressed muscles and light tension. An intelligent cream that warms or cools, depending on what your body needs right now.

Pure relaxation for tired feet

Even your feet love the lotion! After a long day working in high heels, you'll feel reborn as you (or your partner) massage your feet with Aloe Heat Lotion.

Beneficial for muscular tension

The Aloe Heat Lotion is also an excellent massage lotion. It can also be mixed with massage oil or other creams. You will feel born again!

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