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Care of acute and chronic wounds with light therapy

Pain relief and supportive healing of diabetic foot, bedsores, burns, injuries, wound treatment, confounding factors in the scar area, etc.

Wound healing is a complex process involving inflammation, proliferation and maturation of the newly formed tissue. Wounds usually heal in 6-8 weeks, or in larger or deeper wounds, they begin to heal, at least at this time. If the healing process is interrupted or disturbed by an infection or other causes (poor blood circulation, malnutrition, diabetes, etc.), the wound can not heal and become chronic. The use of Ortholumm as adjuvant therapy resulted in improved microcirculation and Falanga wound bed score in chronic wounds. (See studies)

Wound types that respond to Orhtolumm ML 5/1 photobiomodulation:

  • acute and chronic wounds

  • decubitus and ulcers

  • burns

  • skin graft donor sites

  • postoperative wounds

  • wounds after oral surgery

  • post-traumatic wounds

  • diabetic ulcer


Effect on chronic wounds:

  • reduced amount and smell of exudate

  • pain relief

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