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Ortholumm Lichttherapie

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What is light-therapy?

Light therapy witz cold red light contributes to the faster regeneration of damaged cells. For sports injuries, any joint pain, chronic and non-chronic wounds and various neuritis should be used Ortho Loly absolutely supportive. Even with sperm immunity, Ortholumm can help support your future family happiness.

For cosmetic purposes or even skin problems, light therapy can also help, including hair loss prevented by Ortholumm as far as possible.

See how cold red light helps and works!

easy to handle

strengthens the immune system

targeted application

accelerates the regeneration

They can vary with a funding period of 12 to 36 months. You can make an individual

offer simply and uncomplicatedly via our Request contact form.

We offer you a unique service. You can easily fund light therapy. Already installments

starting from 57 Euro per month you can do something good for your health.

Get healthy - start at home!



for private individuals and praxis

The rental price for one month is 160 € incl. VAT.
+ one-time deposit of 350 € (after return we will refund
the deposit back).

If you too are convinced of the effect of Ortholumm ML5 / 1 and you look for it afterwards.

If you decide to buy, you will be charged the rental fee & deposit.

The third hand of the therapist:

Use light therapy for your patients as a supportive therapy. You can, for example, also rent Ortholumm through your practice.

MIETEN Ortholumm ML5/1 Lichttherapie

Apply pain therapy in a few days!

Mietgebühr inkl. Kaution
(Kaution wird nach Rückgabe zurück überwiesen)

What matters to us,

     is your health!


Ortholumm ML5/1 Lichttherapie


inkl. MwSt.

Why is Ortholumm the first choice?

Ortholumm ML5/1

offers you a cost-effective treatment in your clinic

and at home.

Ortholumm ML5/1

can be used as a standalone or complementary therapy.

Ortholumm ML5/1

is a high-tech medical devide manufactured by a company certified with the ISO-certified quality management system 13485.


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